1. What is Thread Sutra? We are a Design House, offering you a complete range of Ethnic, Western and Fusion Wear Outfits. We are a complete design store with everything under one roof.

2. Where is your store? Our store is Located in New Delhi, India.

3. Is it necessary to register at Thread Sutra? No, it is not necessary to register at Thread Sutra, you can even make a purchase as a Guest Login. We would though recommend you to register yourself on our website for a better and a faster Shopping experience.

4. Do we ship abroad? Yes, we ship pan globe.

5. How long to we take to deliver the outfits? The shipping time majorly depends on your order quantity and the place of delivery, but generally we take not more than 15-20 days to deliver your order.

6. How is our shipping calculated? For orders above 100 USD, the shipping is free, but for the orders below 100 USD, the price is calculated according to the weight and the location of delivery. You can calculate the exact amount of delivery at our Check-out Page.

7. How to make payment? We generally accept major modes of payment which include:

Debit Card.

Credit card.

Net Banking.

Bank Transfer.

8. Do we accept COD? No we do not accept COD for the orders outside India.