Wedding Sarees

Saree is considered as one of the most traditional, ethical yet elegant and trendy dress material of woman. It is one of the most sacred dress materials of Hindu i.e hindu saree. The name is derived from Sanskrit word “satti” which means strip of cloth. Saree is generally rectangular in shape with length 5 to 6 meter and breathe 1 meter. Being traditional yet simple to wear it has got three parts, one the rectangular long cloth, other is like tight shirt called blouse and peticote wore at the bottom. It is worn by wrapping it around waist in form of drape and ending the other end well placed on the shoulder. More than 80 different styles of draping result in different styles of wearing sarees. Being comfortable to wear and easy to carry with enormous amount of design and draping pattern involved, it has become a global attire cherished by woman worldwide especially it has become very popular. Saree carries along with it traditional charm and culture, and with trendy look added with comfortable fabrics and dazzling blends of colors, it adds to the beauty and grandeur of woman. Wedding sarees is one of the most important attire because of the tradition and culture it carries along with it. Wedding is considered as the most sacred occasion where not only two bodies but two souls meets, therefore the importance of Indian wedding saree can be understood. It is most desirable attire of woman as she wants to look stunning as all eyes are set on her and it is one of the most important days of her life. With heavy embroideries work, gotta, stones, beads, heavy fabrics, Indian wedding saree makes the bride princes of the day. It gives her fashionable and trendy look with figure flaunting and bold deep cut blouse.

Bollywood sarees are always in hot fashion as people who follows their iconic heroines, follow their dress styles also. The beautiful divas of bollywood presents various designer sarees with stunning color and fabrics with heavy embroidery and hot and bold deep cut and figure flaunting draping styles becomes style icons in global fashion world and loved by woman world wide. The old days are gone, now even the union of western and Indian culture in fashion has been brought by the top Indian designers. They call it Indo-western thing, wedding is always very special to every woman in her life, not that men are not serious about it, but women have always imagine themselves to become a beautiful bride and marrying a husband who passionately loves her. When it is about wedding you want to come back to tour home, to your tradition, your custom and all the rituals. No matter how busy you are you want to organise very wedding function, every ritual and you want to look typical beautiful Indian bride. These days everyone is walking a step ahead, whether in studies or in fashion. Adopting western civilization is not offending thing, forgetting your own culture along with is being offended. Women these days prefer and try to take both the things along with them. That is why we have got the best exclusive styles of draping Saree, exotic ideas how to drape a wedding outfit for you all. If you are going to be wedded soon and you have planned everything elegantly, than your wedding outfit should not be less than anything. These new styled draping of Saree includes all new designers’ works, wedding dress should not only be very fashionable but also has to be very comfortable, as what one wears, has to spend the entire night in that dress only, along with doing rituals, taking pheres, attending guests and what not? So the draping style of your wedding Saree has to be comfortably done and so that you can sit and walk with an ease whole also looking amazing.

Dhoti styled Saree, butterfly Saree, adhporey Saree that is been worn by Bengal brides, these are not varieties of Sarees these are varieties in draping styles and we are presenting the most exclusive draping styles in 2018. Fresh and unique draping styles of one Saree which you can wear in your wedding day. If it is not your wedding but your friend’s, then you can look the most different among all the bride maids we guarantee you because these are the new arrival draping styles for wedding season in 2018. When your best friend is getting wedded, you want to look the next most beautify woman out there, may be the next wedding bells ring for you. So, don’t loos this opportunity, if you have taken out time from your harsh and busy daily life schedule for the your wedding or wedding to attend then make it worthy by trying these draping styles on you and look flawless, be the star of the night. If you are looking for more, like off-beat draping styles of a Saree for parties, or draping styles of a Saree from every state and more like that? Then, just click any of the links given below and explore how to be a star of a night just by draping your Saree in different way.


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